About Us
Brightplus Packaging Corporation
Is a company engaged in manufacturing and printing of plastic packaging, and other packaging materials such as packaging tape / stretch films, aluminum foil , food wraps and etc.,

Established to provide competent main / alternative supplier in the market for these line of products. Companies can generate savings from their suppliers purchasers if bought economically. BRIGHTPLUS PACKAGING CORPORATION aims to provide valuable inputs and suggestions.
  • To provide the quality desired by customers at the most competitive price and continuously grow the business.
  • To earn trust and loyalty keeping good relations with interested parties.
  • To improve factory capability and capacity.
  • Vision
    To become the chosen supplier of plastic packaging products supporting all types of industries and keeping up with the latest technology for continuous improvement.
    BRIGHTPLUS PACKAGING CORPORATION is committed in 3 simple things for our clients / partners:
    Biodegradable • Environment-Friend, Packaging Material